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A New Kind of Pitching Mound For the Modern Baseball Family

Pitching mound

It’s a structure as solid as the game itself: the pitching mound. Creating a new variation on the mound is probably like trying to reinvent the wheel itself. How do you improve on perfection? All mounds are made the same, anyway, right?

Wrong. How about a mound that goes where you go so you can practice where you want to practice? And it won’t break the bank either. You’ve stumbled into the right corner of the internet because you’ve just discovered Player’s Choice Mounds. They’re highly durable and totally portable pitching mounds that fold up neatly so that even your grandma can move a full size pitching mound. Impressed yet? Us, too. Let’s take a look at their two flagship products and figure out which one is right for you.

The Completely Original Player’s Choice Portable Pitching Mound

players choice pitching moundFolks, like we said, this is a new twist on an old idea – and an instant classic.

No longer do kids across America have to go find field time or a bullpen or wait for an entire field to be open just so they can make pitches on a rubber. Losing out on quality practice time in the prime of a pitcher’s learning and growth cycle doesn’t have to happen anymore. This mound is here to save the day.

The original creator simply started out by making a mound for his own son. He happened to post a picture of it on Facebook…and the interest he got from his friends was enormous. He ended up needing to build a ton of mounds for his friends and family – and a business was born. Now, you can get your own portable mound from the original creator today!

These mounds fit the bill for three of the most important characteristics we can think of. Those being…


Hey, we know the pocketbooks always play a role. Real life has to get in the way of baseball sometimes. But that doesn’t have to be the case for your young pitcher, anyway. These mounds start at just $175 for the smallest model. While that may be a chunk of change, it’s nothing compared to the ability to improve your pitching at any time, any place. Competitors (whose mounds aren’t anywhere near as portable) are going to charge you double (sometimes, triple!) the $175 that his superior mound costs. And, speaking of portability…


players choice pitching moundAs we mentioned above a few times, you can’t beat the portability of a Pro Choice Mound. Tons of models of full sized mounds are absolutely immovable unless you have a full field of nine helping out. You know the ones. At best, you might get lucky and run into a mound that has wheels strapped onto the back of it. But they are still huge and bulky and coach or dad have to move it. With a Pro Choice Mound, a youth player can roll their own mound out of the garage, place it down, get their reps in, and put their mound away all on their stony lonesome! This is because of the completely unique tri-fold design. You won’t find it anywhere else and you’ll wish you had it the next time you go to try to move your old school mound.


We’re the kind that lives in the “buy it for life” camp. If we can get a mound that lasts us a year for a cheap deal, we might be okay with it. But if we can get a mound to take to the grave with us, now we’re talking. Luckily, a Pro Choice Mound is built with the utmost care and hand-manufactured to perfection. No matter what sized mound you end up grabbing, you can trust that a full grown man could use the mound over and over and never do the mound harm. Of course, this means a youth players is no match for the construction of this product. From the wood to the turfing on the top surface, this is a well-crafted product that will last you through the years.

Step-Straight Mound

Step Straight pitching moundHaving an awesome portable pitching mound is great – but what if it could also be a learning tool, too? With this mound available to you, your youth player can get quality repetitions for their pitching skill every time.

Usually, you will see a portable pitching mound that is wide enough that the pitcher isn’t worried about falling off to the side one way or the other. However, this mound is pared down on its slope so that a pitcher has no choice but to step straight when they go down the mound. If they miss to one side or the other, they will be stepping onto the flat where they don’t want to be at. (Note: Don’t actually worry about kids flopping off of the mound. Their natural instincts will take over and they will step straight where they know there is a landing without even thinking about it.) In this way and in this way only, the Step-Straight is different than the flagship Original Pro Choice Mound.

Because of this, there are less materials to this product than The Original Pro Choice Mound. This has a couple of effects on the logistics of the mound. First, it’s lighter. Less wood to create a base for the mound means less weight. And that means it’s even easier to move than its bigger brother! And what’s even better about that is you’ll pay less for shipping! Second, it folds up even smaller than you would expect. We’re talking one tight package that can be carried like a briefcase. It’s neat, easy, and an effective training tool. We highly recommend it, baseball brethren.

A Better Mousetrap

There’s the age old adage that you can’t build a better mousetrap and that’s probably how a lot of us felt about pitching mounds. But then Player’s Choice Mounds came along and proved us all wrong. They’re portable, affordable, and durable so you can make a buy that you know you will love. Get one today at prochoicemounds.com and get your youth baseball player a gift they will enjoy their whole career.

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